“Pharoah & Queen”

“Pharoah and Queen”
Created by Stephanie K. Nead
Ashland, OR   2011
Based on photograph in
Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture of Ancient Egypt
Text by Wolfhart Westendorf
Publisher Harry N. Abrams, INC./New York/London
Detail of a relief on one of Tutankhamon’s chests
New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, c. 1340 B.C.
 From his tomb in Thebes.
“Pharoah & Queen” 2011 $1800

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“Abraham’s Children” Original Textile Art Prints, the perfect gift for this season of Peace.

"Abraham's Children: A Time for Peace"

“Abraham’s Children: A Time for Peace” has been one of my most popular pieces.  Many have requested a print.  I have waited to reproduce the image in a way that reflects its tactile nature.  These canvas giclee prints give the image a texture that reminds the viewer the piece is kinesthetic.  The fiber “pops” off the canvas.  These prints are 14 x 14 inches. For larger sizes, please email  sknp4710@gmail.com  

Cards and photographic prints also available.

“Abraham’s Children” was my response to 911. 

It took me a few months to compost that event, for this piece to form itself.  I completed it in February 2002 with the words that came to me inscribed on its back.

 “Abraham’s Chldren” is my plea for peace.  To all the descendants of Abraham: Jewish, Christian, Muslim, we are family.  We have fought as only family can fight.  It is time to work as hard at acceptance and peace.  All the effort, vigilance and commitment we have put into anger and vengeance will create a miraculous and enduring peace for our family.  It is time.


14 x 14 inch canvas giclee prints:  $95 plus $20 shipping, Priority Mail, in the USA.

If you wish a piece shipped outside the US, please contact me at sknp4710@gmail.com to discuss shipping costs.  If you wish to order more than one image shipped to one address, please contact me and we will work out a fair shipping.


I Welcome Pay Pal as the quickest way for you to receive your order.  Just log in to your own account, click on the “Send Money” button, input my email sknp4710@gmail.com and the amount, including shipping, and continue until your payment is sent.  Please include your address with your Pay Pal payment, or email me separately at sknp4710@gmail.com with “AC Order” in the subject line.

Please allow 4-6 weeks from payment for your order to arrive.  Likely, it will arrive more quickly, but please allow that length of time.

Thank you for your order!


“Today the Tao is Dancing”

"Today the Tao is Dancing"

Just as so many ancient spiritual traditions are being renewed today as the world’s heart begins to open again, so this piece reflects an ancient tradition dancing in the light of new energy.

The Tao’s way is very ancient, serene, and patient.  The new world moves more quickly, yet when that movement emerges from a still, silent, deep place it is beautiful dance…in whatever form. 

Thus, the Tao dances.

I accept Pay Pal and personal checks. 

As always, I am available for commissioned work.  Please contact me at sknp4710@aol.com or call 541-292-9390.

In Studio: “Today the Tao is Dancing” in progress

My most recent piece, “Lightening Storm” sold quickly.  What a gift!  So, while in the midst of a move, my creative juices are given good reason to take a time out from boxing books and crating cartons to work on a new piece.

All my pieces create themselves in the sense that I start with an idea that beckons me, like chasing the end of a rainbow.  Once I begin, the piece “talks” to me, takes its own turns, sometimes sets off in directions (quite stubbornly I might add) that I had not intended, nor am I prepared for.  It is not altogether uncommon for me to have an idea, start to work, only to set it down…because, while I can feel that the piece knows where it wants to go, I am not able to “download” how to get there. 

“Today the Tao is Dancing” is one such piece.  I am excited to be working on it again.  I pulled it out in the midst of moving, held it up for the umpteenth time…and suddenly knew how to take it where it wants to go.  I love that feeling!!!

So I now return to my studio, perchance to finish it today.  This time I will get a high quality photo to share with you very soon.  Then hang it at the gallery:  Ashland Art Works Gallery, Ashland, OR, 291 Oak Street.

May we all feel the love of creative life flowing through us, relaxing our worries and filling us with soul nourishment…whatever form your creativity takes, may you relish it!

Blessings, Stephanie

And a nature photo to share until my next piece is here.

"Snowstorm" Big fat, fluffy, dry flakes. A cool counterpoint to our Dog Days of August!