My poetry lives within three basic themes:  The Sacred in my Life, Healing in my Life & Personal, with a great deal of crossover.  I hope you enjoy.  I’d love to hear your response to the poems.

Please honor that each poem is my own.  If you share it with anyone, please be sure to include my authorship…and please in no way publish any poem or photo without my consent.  Each piece is under copyright.  Thank you.

Bee Call

Bee Call


Bee Song
Does the Bee long for the pollen search
Not as work
But a break from the humming hive
A chance to be in solitude
Commune with nature
Make love with the flowers?
I know how it feels.
I’d rather be drone for a summer
Flying free
Than nurse for a lifetime
Or Queen
Trapped within inner sanctum
Tending or tended to Royalty
Slave only.
Better short life
Than long death.
Stephanie K. Nead

One thought on “Poetry

    THANK YOU FOR REPLYING, I AM LOOKING FOR 2 DIFFRENT MATCHING??? MAYBE?? PILLOWS FOR MY MOM’S (90) FIESTY AND VERY ACTIVE DARK BLUE LEATHER COUCH,,IT FOR HER 90TH BDAY,,,ON HER WISH LIST..and maybe even a cool piece for her wall.. she just downsided finally and wants changes she said??? to funny huh?? I can have framed,,she would love it..

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