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5 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Whoa! These are such beautiful creations. Stunning to seem them together on this web-gallary. I can’t wait to pass the word around about the pieces! May the Holy One grant you many many blessings for the beauty you bring into world – a world sorely in need of such beauty!

  2. Stephanie! These are exquisite. The colors and shapes are so rich–they pull me into magic. I look forward to seeing some of them “in person” when you have a show. love and blessings, Shoshana

  3. Stephanie, Your work is exquisitely beautiful indeed. I am not often inspired these days to acquire. However, I hope to own one of your lovely pieces one day!

    Leah Avital

    • I would love to see one of my pieces hanging in your house, Leah Avital. Perhaps one inspired by your favorite Torah portion, or psalm, or prayer or the sefirot? Maybe a poem incorporated? One day…

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