Comments and Conversation

Hi,  My Gallery and this website as a whole are still under construction.  More photos of art will be added soon.  Inspiration will come again to write of my creative process and thoughts.  Check back and please share what inspires you.  Stephanie

5 thoughts on “Comments and Conversation

  1. I too share this “thing” where my art is an extension of my being because of a “condition”…if you have any more insights as to the why’s of it all I’d love to hear them…your work is wonderfulness to the extreme and I hope you post more soon.

  2. Hi Stephanie, your work is just beautiful. Looking at it gives a feeling that it is’t exactly “work” for you! It looks very joyful for you.

    (Leslie’s mother)

  3. I’ve been missing you, and remembered you have this website. I’m struck again (and again) by the beauty and soulful expressions you create, both in fiber art & in poetry. You bless us with your gifts and heart… 🙂

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