Stephanie K. Nead Artist Bio & Statement


I move through the world by intuition, emotion, the senses. Thoughts, ideas, feelings have color, image, sensation for me. They are a visceral experience. Fiber is a kinesthetic bridge between my inner life and the outer world. 

My art shares my vision of the physical, emotional, and energetic textures of the natural world and internal experience. It explores the relationship between nature, soul and humanity, and how the threads of this dynamic relationship impact each.

My designs come to me from dreams and dream-like visions, from nature, from the souls I meet, and from my own healing, evolving, spiritual journey. I seek to express either a deep felt-sense that wells up from inner experience and body-soul memory, or a spirit I sense in an image. I follow that thread, creating a bridge into expression, making visible the inarticulate. Each piece leads me on a journey. Poems often emerge to join the artwork, sometimes preceding and inspiring the piece. My use of technique is defined by the needs of the piece — to be “heard” and felt deeply. The work unfolds to show me beyond, as Leonard Cohen says, “….what I only know the limits of.” I experience profound communion with nature, Creation, and my own deepest self through this process.


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