Commissioned Work

I am available for commissioned work.  Please contact me at or call 541-292-9390 and leave a message.

My work focuses on original designs using a variety of techniques particular to each piece, its purpose, use and needs.

My commission process looks like this:

We will talk about your design ideas.  I love as much initial input as you care to give me.  Things like basic design ideas and/or photos, your color palette, size, financial parameters, any design elements you would like to see included.

For instance, do you love geometrics or are you a curve person?  Do you have certain symbols or shapes that are especially meaningful to you?   Are there colors you love, that feed your soul, that you must have in the piece?  Let me know…photos and samples are very welcome; they help me create what you really desire in a way that will surprise and please you.

Your piece may be a personal meditation piece; it may be for your living room, for your bedroom, for a gift; it may be for a baby or a child; it may be a graduation gift or a memory piece.  It may be a celebration and remembrance of a favorite place, pet or person.  Anything is possible…

I am obviously drawn to soulful subjects and to nature images rendered in an impressionistic style.  I am happy to hear about your relation to an image or idea you wish to see rendered.  It is all helpful to me.

Next, I create an basic design for you.  As drawing is not itself my great skill, my designs are basic.  I will also give you a good bit of description of what I intend to do.  Once we agree on a basic design and direction for the piece, I ask for your trust.

I give you, in writing, a price and deadline for the work, along with the basic design description.  You pay me half the commission’s total.  This is non-refundable.  It covers the most basic costs of materials and time.  If, when the piece is complete, you do not care for it (this has never happened), you do not have to accept it or pay me the final half owed.

I do not allow clients to see work until it is complete.  To imagine, to visualize, where a piece is going is difficult.  When you are not the artist, it is virtually impossible.  New work goes through many stages in which it bears little resemblance to the final result.  If you like the work I do, rest assured, you will like what I create for you.  And I find the wait makes the final seeing much more fun for clients.

I look forward to hearing from you and creating a wonderful, unique work of art for you.      Stephanie

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