“Spirograph Memories”

“Spirograph Memories”

Not sure where this one came from.  It just emerged…and it was a lot of fun to create!  I loved spirograph as a child.  This piece called for lots of different shapes and motion, a relationship of movement and strong color between the piecing and the thread painting.  Spirograph used such neon colors.  I always felt such joy as the colors created amazing shapes that interwove before my eyes, surprising me.


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Gallery showing

So, as of Tuesday, July 27th, I will have work hanging at Ashland Art Works Galleries at 291 Oak Street in Ashland (Oregon that is.) Please come have a look. I will be there as well for First Friday, August 6th from 5:00 to 7:00. I’d love to greet you. If you can’t make it First Friday, the gallery is open Wed-Mon 10-5. https://stephanieknead.wordpress.com/ http://innerteacher.wordpress.com/