Gallery showing

So, as of Tuesday, July 27th, I will have work hanging at Ashland Art Works Galleries at 291 Oak Street in Ashland (Oregon that is.) Please come have a look. I will be there as well for First Friday, August 6th from 5:00 to 7:00. I’d love to greet you. If you can’t make it First Friday, the gallery is open Wed-Mon 10-5.

From Where Art Emerges

All creative expression comes from the same source.  The blessed gift of being creative is my experience of “flow,” when time stops and joy is like a stream burbling through my Being.  One of the places in life where I experience this is in my studio. 

I had the fortunate misfortune to be felled by serious illness at 28 years old.  Homebound and needing something to do as I moved from bed to couch, I reached for long-forgotten skills taught by my grandmother, mother, and aunt.  This began a journey into my own artistic soul.  I am blessed to come from a lineage of female artists.  Through the grace of the calling inherent in my illness, to reform my life in better synergy with my soul, I began creating according to my inclinations as a kinesthetic human being.  I operate by touch, smell, visceral sensation.   Thoughts, ideas and emotions have “feeling,” color, sensation for me…a kind of visceral experience.  Fiber allows me to integrate my emotional and spiritual “felt” sense with my physical love for touch and texture.  

My art is inspired by my sense of the spiritual, my love for the creation that is this earth, and my desire to express healing visually.  My creative process is one way I commune with the larger Creation that Is.  As a friend once said, “My way of talking to G-d is to go to my studio and make art.”  My designs come to me from dreams and dream-like visions, from nature, from the souls I meet, and from my own healing and evolving journey as a human being.

I am available for commissioned work.  Please feel free to email me directly with inquiries at

“Antelope Canyon”

My latest work.  A private commission.  Check it out in my Gallery…larger image if you click on it there.

An image in fiber of lower Antelope Canyon in southwester U.S. These slot canyons are formed when floods pour through sandstone, carving deep and glorious channels through the earth. When the sun is directly overhead, the light bouncing down the slot creates rich, saturated colors and texture that is magnificent from below.

This commission is based on a photo of lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona, one of many slot canyons of the Southwestern United States. I hope soon to have a slide show posted of its creation process.

 Copyright 2010, Stephanie K. Nead

I am available for commissioned work.  Please feel free to email me directly with inquiries at